‘The Governor’ definitely gets my vote – as dessert

“Symington said his thoughts to oppose Napolitano when she seeks re-election next year galvanized just six weeks ago when he was invited to Napolitano’s State of the State speech. Symington sat in the front row, barely 20 feet from Napolitano. I watched him hang on her every word.

‘I had not been to a speech like that before’

Symington said Tuesday. What really bedeviled him was Democrat Napolitano’s call for state-funded all-day kindergarten. Because parents would decide whether to send their children, Napolitano called it ‘school choice.’

As governor, Symington was a constant supporter of school vouchers.

‘She was being too cute and clever and trying to foist one over on the public’

Symington said of Napolitano’s speech. Napolitano also took a slap at Symington-pushed tax cuts.

His retort:

‘The tax cuts were one of the best thing to happen to this state.’

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