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‘The Governor’ definitely gets my vote – as dessert

“Symington said his thoughts to oppose Napolitano when she seeks re-election next year galvanized just six weeks ago when he was invited to Napolitano’s State of the State speech. Symington sat in the front row, barely 20 feet from Napolitano. I watched him hang on her every word.

‘I had not been to a speech like that before’

Symington said Tuesday. What really bedeviled him was Democrat Napolitano’s call for state-funded all-day kindergarten. Because parents would decide whether to send their children, Napolitano called it ‘school choice.’

As governor, Symington was a constant supporter of school vouchers.

‘She was being too cute and clever and trying to foist one over on the public’

Symington said of Napolitano’s speech. Napolitano also took a slap at Symington-pushed tax cuts.

His retort:

‘The tax cuts were one of the best thing to happen to this state.’

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Fife Could Drum Up a Fight for Napolitano

“According to Symington, he and current Gov. Janet Napolitano would be

‘complete opposites.’

Indeed, Napolitano ran for office in considerable part by condemning the fiscal policies of the 1990s, mostly the handiwork of Symington.

A full-blown debate about those policies would be instructive, particularly since the facts are on Symington’s side. No other candidate would be likely to directly challenge Napolitano’s mythology about what preceded her.”

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