Symington Endorses Felecia Rotellini for State Attorney General

KNAU featured a brief article detailing Fife Symington’s support of Felecia Rotellini for State Attorney General. His comments:

“I’m very oriented towards the individual and the character of the individual when I support people for public office. Felecia stands out as a really wonderful person and has the right temperament to be attorney general of the state. So I didn’t hesitate. That’s where I am.”

Read the rest of the article here.  Or listen to an audio clip here.

Fife Symington Reflects on His Time as Governor

Fox10 Phoenix recently interviewed Fife Symington at the Esplanade. Some excerpts:

School choice, Symington said, made Arizona a haven for charter schools.

“And by creating that choice and creating charter schools the public education institutions would be forced to compete and get better, it was never meant to hurt, it was meant to make them better.”

“I’m proud that I was Governor of Arizona, I love my state, I love Arizona.”

Watch the interview below.

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Fife Symington Backs Doug Ducey in Arizona Governor’s Race

The Phoenix Business Journal recently highlighted Fife Symington’s support of Doug Ducey in the Arizona gubernatorial race:

“His focus is the economy and making Arizona a magnet for job creation and economic opportunity. That has to be the number one priority for our next governor, and Doug has the right background, skills, and ideas to actually make a difference.”

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Symington Looks Back

The Arizona Republic recently invited Fife Symington to reflect on his time in office. Here are a few excerpts:

“One defining characteristic of the human mind is a conception of time. We alone among Earth’s creatures seem to have this. And, generally speaking, the more active the mind, the more clearly one sees how quickly the days and years pass.

Time, not money, is the hard, unprintable currency of the human economy. We cannot store it up for ourselves and our progeny. It can only be spent — spent in service of those we love, what we value, what we envision. It’s often said with airs of worldly sophistication that time is money.

It’s more true that both time and our sense of it are beautiful works of God.

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Amid Tumult and Setbacks, Fife Symington Is Steady As He Goes

Noozhawk in Santa Barbara recently published an extensive interview piece with Fife Symington. Here’s an excerpt:

… I’m proud of what Ann and I did in public office. We went in and had a program and got it all done. It didn’t end happily — ultimately, it ended happily — but, as you know, there was a hiccup along the way. But interestingly, although public service was something we wanted to do, it wasn’t something we wanted to do permanently. I never really considered it to be, well, this is the achievement of a lifetime.

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